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Much of what we do facilitates human connectivity to the natural environment by providing the foundations and materials that allow for parks, trails, picnics, playgrounds, campgrounds, wetlands, dams, and athletic fields. Our materials also provide for roads, schools, golf courses, parking lots, and living spaces. It is our mission to make our community a more pleasant place to live. Lakeview provides the following products:

State Spec Road Base Commercial Road Base
Lakeview Spec Base Recycled Road Base
Gravel 1 Gravel 2 (Sewer Rock)
3 A-1-a GranularBorrow 2 A-1-b Borrow
4 Minus Bankrun Cobble Rock
Bedding Sand Slurry Sand
Trail Mix Screened Top Soil
Landscape Cobble Landscape Rock
Rip Rap

For current pricing please call Lakeview Rock Sales Representative Justin Cozad at 801.560.7215

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